scaling regenerative organic agriculture

Rizoma Agro is a regenerative organic supply chain developer. We build and run agricultural systems that produce profitable large scale organic crops with net positive impact on environment. We are scaling these crops in our own farms and also through partner farmers that we prospect and enable for regenerative organic production, providing them all the guidance and supervision to ensure productivity, profitability and quality control.



we identify undersupplied markets

This “market first” approach help us mitigate offtake risk to producers while helping companies succeed in new developments


we develop technology & enablers

With a clearly identified opportunity, we develop production technology and enablers for growth adapting our legacy knowledge to cultures and geographies


we build hubs for large-scale production

We prospect associate growers with proven backgrounds and set up partnerships to farm large-scale regenerative organic crops with low operational risk


we manage production offtake

We commercialize and deliver production with high service level, managing logistics, traceability, quality controls, certifications and impact reports


Our productive systems combine “beyond sustainable” farming practices to improve land use, rebuild soil health and restore the farmland to a condition equal to or better than its original state. Our environmental impact is measured through 3 key regenerative indicators:


Crops can capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it underground, which improves soil health and helps reverse climate change. So the more carbon in the soil, the more regenerative is the farming.


Biodiversity ensures the better use and conservation of the ecosystem services, also improves soil health, plant nutrition and crop fertility. Its maintenance has an enormous economic and ecological relevance for humanity.


Healthy soils absorb and retain more water, which is essential to preserve the life of ecosystems. It also helps reduce siltation and build land resilience, preventing agricultural loss during droughts and high temperatures.

proDuction hub

Rizoma Agro’s production hub is located in São Paulo and currently has two farms with a combined production capacity of approximately 9 thousand tons. Our key crops are feed grains, primarily corn and soy, but we also grow pulses, cattle and citrus. Our first year production totalled 5,300 tons of grains, which puts us already amongst the top organic producers in Brazil, but we are only getting started. Our long-term goal is to produce 2.5MM tons of grains and become the leading supplier of regenerative organic crops in our country.

toca - itirapina/sp - 310 hectares - grains anD citrus proDuction
takaoka - iaras/sp - 785 hectares - crops anD cattle proDuction

On the surface we are a start up business but our journey starteD 11 years ago

Rizoma Agro is a spin-off from Fazenda da Toca, an international reference in sustainable agriculture and the largest organic eggs producer in Brazil. Since 2008 our team has been studying and developing organic farming practices and building the basis for large-scale regenerative agriculture.

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